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What Is Popping And Locking?


Popping and locking are 2 very popular and different dance styles. They started as largely underground dances, though nowadays their audience reach is worldwide.


Popping is a style of dance that originated in Fresno, California in the 70s. Boogaloo Sam is generally considered to be the founder of this dance style, though some dancers argue that the style was being done even before Sam came along and it was called 'popping.'

Popping is a technique that is distinctive for it's 'pops' which arise from the quick contraction followed by relaxation of certain muscles. Pops can be performed with different parts of the body including the arms, legs and even the neck.

Popping is typically danced to funk music with a steady beat in 4/4 time signature, though it is increasingly done to other types of music too.


Locking (originally known as Campbellocking) is a style of dance that originated in LA in the late 60s, coming into prominence in the 70s with the formation of The Lockers dance group.

The beginnings and creation of the style can unanimously be attributed to one man, Don Campbell (also sometimes known as Don Campbellock).

Locking is distinctive also for it's very distinct stops, however these are complete stops in motion rather than contraction and relaxation of the muscles like in popping. It is generally more relaxed and movements are looser than those utilised in popping.

Locking is typically danced to funk music. Arising in the 70s it is common to hear artists such as James Brown. It can also be danced to other styles of music including funk related genres like disco or electronic music.